Title Hurricane Erwin 2005 coastal erosion in Latvia
Authors Guntis Eberhards
Jānis Lapinskis
Baiba Saltupe
Publication date 2006
Abstract [eng] The article represents the first experience and assessment of coastal changes during the severe storm that occurred in Latvia 2005. This study shows that during the violent wind, the wave regime and high storm surges changing in time and space, the Latvian coastal retreat was greatly varying. More than 190 km of coastline were affected by the attack of storm waves; the retreat was mostly 3–6 m, with a maximum of 15–27 m. Severe soft cliff erosion and retreat were located along the open Baltic Sea coast north from Cape Melnrags up to Ventspils and Cape Oviši, Cape Kolkasrags area, southern and eastern coast of the Gulf of Riga. The total volume of material washed out from the sub-marine part of the coastal zone (upper beach, foredune, coastal cliffs) of Latvia was approximately over three million m3 of sediments, and about 0.9 km² of land was lost.
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