Title Meteorologinių veiksnių poveikis KD2.5 aerozolio koncentracijos kaitai Preiloje
Effects of meteorological factors on PM2,5 concentration at Preila monitoring station
Authors Egidijus Rimkus
Gintautas Stankūnavičius
Arūnas Bukantis
Publication date 2006
Abstract [eng] The study contains an analysis of the relationship between various meteorological indices and elements and 2.5 micrometer particle matter (PM2.5) concentrations measured at the Preila monitoring station (Curonian Lagoon). The study period includes consecutive three years of recording PM 2.5 data starting from 2003. Wind velocity and direction seem to be the main factors affecting particle concentration in the study area. Higher concentrations tend to develop under lower pressure patterns with small gradients in the middle troposphere during a cold season of the year. Warm season patterns represent a blocking flow or steady eddies over Europe with the prevailing meridional circulation.
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