Title Darželinio amžiaus vaikų sveikos mitybos ugdymas ir mitybos įpročiai
Translation of Title Promotion of healthy nutrition and nutrition habits of preschool children
Authors Pernarauskienė, Austėja
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Pages 63
Keywords [eng] Diet of preschool children ; family eating habits ; promotion of healthy nutrition
Abstract [eng] The study was carried out in Jurbarkas kindergarten in May – June 2017. The teachers (n=29) and parents of children (n=266) participated in the study. Original questionnaires were used to assess the attitudes of teachers and parents towards promotion of healthy eating, family eating habits and preschool children diets. Promotion of healthy nutrition was implemented in all kindergartens. Most of the teachers and parents agreed that the promotion of healthy nutrition should take place at kindergarten and at home, but even 49.8% of parents replied that they were not attending health events in kindergarten. Parents who have healthy eating habits are more active involved in the promotion of child's healthy nutrition habits. The diet of children was related to family eating habits.
Dissertation Institution Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universitetas
Type Master‘s Thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2018