Title Antinksčių navikų chirurginio gydymo rezultatų analizė
Translation of Title Adrenal tumors: analysis of surgical treatment
Authors Prochorova, Kristina
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Pages 59
Keywords [eng] Adrenal tumor ; laparoscopic adrenalectomy ; open adrenal surgery
Abstract [eng] The aim of the study. To evaluate results of the surgical treatment of adrenal tumors during the period of 1998 and 2016 in the Department of Surgery in LUHSH KC. Objectives. 1) To identify the main demographic data of the patient’s (gender, age, the number of operations by year); 2) To identify patients clinical data (diagnosis, side of the tumor) and to set the most common indications for laparoscopic adrenalectomy and open adrenal surgery; 3) Compare the characteristics of the tumors operated by laparoscopic and open surgery (size of the tumor, morphology); 4) To detect the most common complications of the adrenal surgery. The study participants. Four hundred twenty eight patients with adrenal tumor were operated between 1998 and 2016 year in the Department of Surgery in LUHSH KC. Methodology. Retrospective clinical study analysing patients who had adrenal tumors and were operated during the period of 1998 and 2016 year in the Department of Surgery in LUHSH KC. Results. During the period of analysis there were performed on average 18 laparoscopic adrenalectomies and 4 open operations. The laparoscopic adrenalectomy was used 3,7 times more in women than men, open surgery – 1,4 times more in women than men. During the following years the patients age was increasing. Laparoscopic adrenalectomy was used more often when the tumor size was 40 mm and they were functionally active. Open surgery was more often used when tumor malignancy was suspected and when tumor were 60 mm and bigger. Conclusions. Laparoscopic surgery is mainly used in benign adrenal deseases: pheochromocytoma, Conn's, Cushing's syndromes. Open surgery more often used for malignant tumors and metastases of other malignant tumors. The right adrenalectomy was performed more often than left (1.3 times). The more rapid changes in patiens appearence are more common in Cushing's syndrome and younger patients were operated for this disease. Surgery for metastatic disease was more common among men. The most common surgical complication was bleeding during surgery, non-surgical complication - pneumonia.
Dissertation Institution Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universitetas
Type Master‘s Thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2017