Title Slaugytojų emocinio intelekto ir konfliktų valdymo raiškos sąsajų įvertinimas
Translation of Title Nurse's emotional intelligence and conflict management interface assessment
Authors Aleksienė, Kristina
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Pages 99
Keywords [eng] Emotional intelligence ; conflict ; nurse
Abstract [eng] The aim of the thesis: to assess the interfaces of expression of emotional intelligence and conflict management among the nurses. Tasks. 1) To carry out an assessment of expression of emotional intelligence of the nurses; 2) to assess satisfaction with work; 3) to identify the strategies of conflict management among the nurses; 4) to carry out an assessment of interactions of expression of emotional intelligence and conflict management among the nurses; 5) to assess the nurses motivation to increase knowledge in the areas of emotional intelligence and conflict management. The methodology. An assessment has been carried out during a period between July and November 2015. The anonymous questionnaire survey has been carried out. The therapeutic profile nurses working in Siauliai hospital were invited to take part in the survey. Approximately 180 anonymous questionnaires in total were given to the participants. 137 completed questionnaires were returned (the response rate was 76%), 131 questionnaires in total were selected for the study. The study has been carried out in accordance with the Law on Biomedical Research Ethics of the Republic of Lithuania. An anonymous questionnaire consisting of emotional and social competence questionnaire and Conflict Questionnaire by T - Kilmann was used for the study. The data obtained were encoded and transferred to statistical data processing software package “SPSS for Windows 16.0“. The results were used only in this study. The results. The most vividly expressed competences of the nurses shall be assigned to a group of relationship management – teamwork (17,83±4,07) and social awareness – empathy (17,73±3,83) competences. Self-awareness, one of the most important competences of emotional intelligence, is not dominant among the nurses. The opinion of nurses about the existing emotional capabilities shows that satisfaction with work of the nurses is faint. However the averages of satisfaction with life and assessment of what the nurses have in their life are high. It has also been found out during assessment of the opinion of nurses that the nurses are characterized by empathy. This is evidenced by the data of assessment of expression of emotional intelligence. While assessing conflicts in professional activity of the nurses it should be mentioned that almost a half of the nurses (47%) face such conflicts at least once per week, while 27% of the nurses experience a conflict more than 3 times per week. While assessing the management strategies it has been found out that conflict avoidance as a way of conflict solution (7,82±1,56) dominates among the nurses. Whereas cooperation, the most constructive way of conflicts resolution, is poorly expressed among the nurses (5,29±1,68). An emotional competence of self-awareness has no connection with any solution of conflicts, whereas a strategy of conflict avoidance does not correlate with any emotional competence. It has been also found out that the nurses would like to improve their existing competences of emotional intelligence and the strategies of conflict management in refresher courses. Findings. An emotional competence of self-perception of the nurses is expressed very faintly. Such competence serves as a basis for development of all other competences. The nurses are characterised by empathy, i.e. an ability that is important for this profession. However it can be assumed that due to a lack of competence of self-awareness the nurses are less minded to solve conflicts and to experience satisfaction with work. Although an ability to experience a joy of life shows that the nurses have inner resources to improve emotional competences.
Dissertation Institution Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universitetas
Type Master thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2016